Noora – helps local communities thrive in Palestine


Noora Heritage House is a fashion and interior design company based in Palestine founded by Noora Abdeen Khalifeh. The company uses ancient embroidery textiles and local craftsmanship to create modern trends. The designs fuse eastern and western style traditions and Noora Heritage House encourages the local talents to work. All of Noora’s products are handmade by 80 Palestinian crafts women who get the opportunity to preserve and fine-tune their skills.

33 year-old Palestinian designer Noora Abdeen Khalifeh was born in the Old City of Jerusalem. She is married and has two kids; an eight-year-old son and a six-year- old daughter and is expecting a third little heir.

“I have always been inspired by the unique, ancient craftsmanship but also contemporary design. With Noora Heritage House, I wanted to merge the two into a fashion business,” Noora Abdeen Khalifeh tells. Noora followed her dream and today “Noora Heritage House” is a distinguished Palestinian brand.

Why did you want to establish a company helping other women?

“My vision was to help improve the quality of life for poor families in my community, based on the concept of women helping women,“ Noora Abdeen Khalifeh tells.



“Palestinian women have a lot of capacity, but due to many restrictions due to the occupation, they are prevented from creating their own creative spaces.

I needed to establish an environment that would help these women to work flexible hours with their embroidery at the same time as they could take care of their families and other necessary chores. I hope therefore that Noora Heritage House will always be able to offer part time job opportunities, great social responsibility policies and other concepts helping these women to stay empowered and rise to their full potential.”

What has been the worst obstacles building your company?

When I started my business, many obstacles faced me such as the traditional societal outlook, obtaining professional and technical training and legal and financial support.

What is your next dream?

My next dream is to boost my brand, Noora Heritage House, all over the world.

What advice would you give other women wanting to step into their power and live out their dreams?

“Believe in yourself. Find what you love to do and never fear trying. Through planning, you will eventually succeed.”

Noora Heritage House was established to support local stitching communities and their talented work. Noora Heritage House supports these communities through job creation and education, empowering a large number of women to live independent lives in Palestine.

We always work in the most ethical manner recycling paper and packaging, sponsoring local events and engaging in fair trade practices among other initiatives.


Tell us about the challenges of Palestinian women?

The current unstable political and economic situation, resulting from the occupation, have major consequences on the entrepreneurship growth in Palestine. With the lack of an encouraging environment, political stability, the required infrastructure and institutional support, the entrepreneurship activities in Palestine will remain modest and driven only by necessity. Moreover, the gender discrimination towards female entrepreneurship is considerable, making it hard for women to succeed as an entrepreneur.

3 thoughts on “Noora – helps local communities thrive in Palestine

  1. Doris Singh says:

    Liebe Noora,
    Der Artikel von Andrea Jeska in der Frankfurter Rundschau vom 13.05.2018 hat mich sehr beeindruckt.
    Sie machen eine sehr gute Arbeit, liebe Frau Kalifeh, und ich wünsche Ihnen und den Menschen in Palästina viel Kraft und Mut.
    Den Verantwortlichen in Israel und anderswo wünsche ich Erkenntnis, einen guten Willen, um das Schicksal der leidenden palästinensischen Menschen zum Guten und Wahren zu verhelfen.
    Herzlichst Ihre Doris Singh

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