a new beginning

Pearl Stories was founded in 2015 by Annette Spanggaard as a charity brand that aimed to bring women to independence through education. For many years the company was inactive, but Annette had a hard time letting go of anything so close to her heart.

In 2021, I (Emilie Geldorf) bought the company to carry Pearl Stories forward and give it a new story. In this way, the initiative for women’s independence came to a higher unity, when Annette gave me an opportunity to bring my thoughts and ideas to life as a newly hatched jewelry designer trained from the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology in Pearl Stories’ universe.

Mission & Vision

Pearl Stories aim to cause no unnecessary harm and through pearl jewellery inspire to be more accepting individuals by developing enjoyable and positive experiences.


Embrace gender equality by creating designs that inspire to evolve the way we wear pearl jewellery.